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Annual Fund Raising Show and Sale at the Egg & I Restaurant, St. Paul. December 2016

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What Has Nettie Been Up To?

November 2016
I'm settling into retirement, continuing to ride my bike with the lovely fall weather we've been experiencing here in Minnesota.  I've also been busy creating some items for A Sale of the Season!

July 2013
Well, I've been a little busy...I got a new bike, and well, I've been doing a bit of touring around

where I saw this:

and then there was this:
and this:

and this:

 Then, I went with Marsha and Linda to the Goldstein Gallery at the U of M St. Paul Campus and we saw this:
Look familiar to anyone?  It is Virgina Lee Burton's "Finnish Hop" fabric design (she's the author of Mike Mulligan's Steam Shovel.)
Then, we saw these:

And then, this happened:
With dewpoints in the 70's... and I decided to drive my Janome for a day or two.  Here's the result:
65 towels ready for Nettie & Friends Sale...
a cowboy quilt top using the "Make a Zig Zag Quilt Without Piecing Triangles" method.  It was a slick easy way to make this quilt.
And now, on this beautiful morning, I'm off on my bike.
Keep creating!

April 2013
I have no idea where the time goes.  It seems like I was just meeting my new group of students, and now, somehow, it is April.  
I have been busy working in my craft room, the sewing machine has been humming along.  Usually, in February, after the hubbub of the Nettie & Friends Show and Sale has calmed down, I begin to think about what I could make for myself.  This year I stumbled on some William Morris "Tulips in Bloom" fabric at MillEnd Textiles.  I went a little crazy at a recent quilt retreat, saying over and over "I don't need no stinkin' pattern."  Here's the result:
Some say zigzag... others say "Rickrack is comin' back!"  I say "Pizazz!".  I really like the wildness of it.

I've also been busy making these very functional microwave bowl hotpads.  No more burned fingers when you are trying to get a hot bowl of soup out of the microwave.  I use mine almost every day in my school lunch bag.

Yep, they are for sale!

Enjoy this glorious spring. 

September 2012

What a busy summer...I started looking for a new home on July 2nd.  I moved into my new home on August 17th.  Talk about whirlwind, whew.  I did have a lot of fun this summer.  Here are some of my projects:

I made a lovely Dargate Reproduction quilt for ME!  Randi Helling of Jubilee Quilting did the wonderful, creative machine quilting and I finished it by turning the binding on my birthday.  Happy Birthday to ME!

Then, I boxed up all of my stuff, my crafts, my fabrics, my yarn and moved.  After 25 years living in the same location, let me tell you, that's a LOT of stuff.

While all of my stuff was boxed up, I decided (call me crazy) to learn how to make a 20 pointed origami star. I just seem to need to have something to keep my hands busy and help keep me grounded.  Let me tell you, there were many false starts.  But with some trial and error (and some hrumphing and maybe some swearing) here's what came of that decision:

 Then, came moving day.  A big truck, some strong young men and an exhausting day.  But here's my new view from the small balcony at the back of my condo.  I've discovered the joy of a good book, a Saturday morning and coffee.  There are hummingbirds.  There are frogs and an owl at night.  Ahhhh.

There was the moment I realized I had unpacked the last box, the t.v. was working, and I had a moment to sit down and knit.  A good moment.
I have a dedicated craft room with a door I can close to keep the clutter "wrangled in" (wish me luck.)  I finished moving things around and was on the verge of firing up the sewing machine, when I walked through the living room and saw this:
 and I thought, "now that's the right idea, time for a catnap."  I'll be back at crafting and creating soon.  You can count on it.

Posted in April 2012
Lots of tote bags!

Posted August 27, 2011
A peek at a few things I've been working on:

Baby quilts - thank you to Randi Helling of Jubilee Quilting for the beautiful quilting.

Small tote...

Another small tote

Small lavender pillow with antique lace.

Small Balsam Sachets... Put a little Christmas under your pillow.

Lavender and linen sachets.

 Hmmm, I seem to be missing photos of my knitting and woolfelt work projects.
Hmmm.  Better get on that!

Posted July 26, 2011
Just back from three weeks in Germany visiting my dear friend, Laurie Anne and her family.  Laurie Anne and I took a girl's road trip through Bavaria.  We saw many fine examples of Baroque gone overboard in churches, beautiful castles, wonderful gardens, and the ALPS!!!  I did a bit of knitting (no photos of that.)  But a couple of snapshots for you:
The Residenz in Wurtsburg

Yep.  Neuschwanstein. Disney's dream castle.

 The Alps.  Beautiful

When you see buildings constructed in 774, it gives new meaning to "old."

On a mountian in Ruhpolding...  Me? I took the cable car up AND down...


Posted - March 26, 2011

On the road again... 
Gotta love a great road trip, and this one took me to the Land of Lincoln!
(Springfield, Illinois - NOT Lincoln, Nebraska this time.)
Marsha and I visited the Lincoln's at the White House, as evidenced by this photo:
The Lincoln Presidential Museum is quite something. 

Then, we went to the Illinois State Museum to view this exhibit.

Gives us a whole new license to go over the top when we make stuff.  
Some incredible pieces in the exhibit, like this jacket:

And this dress:

Dress detail on the back:  Whew.

Of course, we made a trip to the Lincoln family home 
for a tour:

Mary Todd Lincoln's sewing basket:

 We especially liked the tassels in the formal parlor,
but found them in the family room, too:

 A great trip.  We visited some knitting stores, quilt stores,
made some wrong turns, we had an incredible coconut filled 
chocolate cookie  from the Lincoln Family Inn Restaurant 
in Dekalb, Illinois, we figured out how to use the gps/navigation
feature on my droid phone, laughed a lot, made some stuff and
went to bed tired every night.  Heading home today.
I'll post some photos of the stuff soon.

Posted - March 26, 2011

Well, I can't seem to stop making these little bags.
Perfect for small knitting projects, a lunch bag,
a pair of 'house shoes' to take to a friend's house.

I'm thinking about friends. (7" x 10")

Summer can't be that far away tote. (10" x 14")

A little dress up project bag. (7" x 10")

Spring will come!  Bright tote. (7" x 10")

Summer tote. (10" x 14")

"Cats will be cats" drawstring knitting project bag. 

Premium catnip toys.

Balsam fir tip sachets... when you need a little Christmas. Wow.

Rustic balsam sachets.

I wish blogspot had smelloview so you could inhale these fresh scents. :-)

Organic lavender sachets.  Relax.
Holiday wall hanging.
Snowman stocking.  Thank you to Randi Helling of Jubilee Quilting for quilting the fabric for me.
Christmas stocking.  Thank you to Randi Helling of Jubilee Quilting for quilting the fabric for me.
Christmas stocking.  Thank you to Randi Helling of Jubilee Quilting for quilting the fabric for me.
Christmas stocking.  Thank you to Randi Helling of Jubilee Quilting for quilting the fabric for me.

 More premium catnip toys.

A small holiday wall hanging.

Some things have already been sent off to storage for next year's sale.  I remembered to photograph these before I sent them off!  I've finished a few projects for myself, including two Clapotis scarves that a lovely.  If you've seen me, you've seen the clapotis.