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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get in the Habit!

I sure hope this doesn't offend any of you... but
guess how I spent my birthday?

With some friends at the Little Falls Convent Green Eco - Peace Fair.

Sister Mary I Don't Know What I'm Doing Here

Recognize this quilter? It's Sister Mary Haven't Been Here in 39 Years!
She was once told to never go near another sewing machine by a nun.

How about Sister Mary Mafia Mama?

And finally, here's
Sister Mary High on Life!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where does the summer go?

How did it get to be the end of July? Well, my last entry was written shortly after arriving in Michigan to visit my family for the the Monroe Reunion. Life doesn't always go as planned. I know many of you have been following the story of my friend- Ms. "Show Me the Money" Linda Kennedy and her family. We are so elated that Keith, Linda's 25 year old son with autism, was found alive after a week in the Wisconsin woods in June. During the last month, it has been an amazing journey to witness Keith's resilience, strength and recovery. He and his family are incredible human beings and I am so proud to their friend.

I have been busy with some projects. More of those Norwegian slippers keep rolling off of my knitting needles. Seems like my brain needs to work on some mundane projects which don't require sustained attention at this time. I did actually complete five wonderful "Blueberry Bags." Four went to my cabin friends in Ely and one made its way to Germany with my pal, Laurie Anne (she was just a little envious watching me work on them on Madeline Island.)

I am continuing planning for this year's Nettie and Friends Show, albeit in fits and starts. I will put the pedal to the metal very soon. I promise. Just remember the October deadline and I look forward to seeing what everyone is working on!

Enjoy these hazy, crazy, lazy days of summer!