Nettie & Friends supports Maxfield Learning Center and Maxfield School, St. Paul, MN.

Nettie & Friends works with Maxfield School in St. Paul, MN to enrich learning experiences for students by meeting specific needs that expand the learning landscape or remove roadblocks to student success.

Annual Fund Raising Show and Sale at the Egg & I Restaurant, St. Paul. December 2017

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nettie & Friends Sale Continues Through December

The 9th Annual Nettie & Friends Sale to benefit Maxfield School, in St. Paul continues 
through December 2012.  There are still many beautiful handmade gifts to enjoy 
and purchase for your friends and family... check out some of these possibilities:

 Perhaps a festive wine bottle light for a hostess gift (a friend purchased one, took it to a party 
and several people tried to make off with it!)  Get yours today at the Egg & I.

 A unique individually designed and hand painted magnet to decorate your fridge...
 A holiday cinnamon ornament to decorate a tree AND freshen your home...
 A beautiful black walnut spreader for that yummy holiday hors d'oeurves...
 A wine lover's trivet nestled in a black walnut frame...

and so much more is available at the Egg & I.

Do a little shopping.... do a lot of good.

Thank you for your support.