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Nettie & Friends works with Maxfield School in St. Paul, MN to enrich learning experiences for students by meeting specific needs that expand the learning landscape or remove roadblocks to student success.

Annual Fund Raising Show and Sale at the Egg & I Restaurant, St. Paul. December 2017

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sneak Preview... The Fireplace is UP! The Show is OPEN!

Thank you to the fantastic crew that showed up to help with the hanging of the
2009 Nettie and Friends Show and Sale.  After eleven months of planning,
organizing, painting, building and dreaming... today is the day!

Thank you to Dave with his tall ladders, long arms and patience
for making sure our 'lodge' fireplace went up in alignment!

Take a blank wall, add some pizazz and viola' a fireplace!

Next add a heart warming wreath.

Thank you Robb for your good eye at getting the display started (and level!)

Thank you Marsha for dreaming about a 'lodge' fireplace for this year's show...
It took many hours, but WOW! Was it worth it!! 
Thanks for being my friend for all these years!

Thanks Jean for loading up the display racks with yummy, beautiful items!


Thank you Lynn and Jean for making so many tough decisions
about which items to display (and displaying them so well!)


Thank you Kim for your willingness to climb up and hang stuff
and smile and make us all a little nervous with
your creative stacking of items to 'gain height' when the ladder was in use!


It's really UP!  The show is ready and open for business on Monday, November 30th!

The staff at the Egg and I were WOWED with the fireplace! 
It is the centerpiece for so many beautiful items that have been donated. 
Thank you!



Thank you friends!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pricing Day! We did it! WooHoo!

Thank you to everyone who donated beautiful items for this year's show and sale.

The pricing committee met and:
  1. laughed 
  2. talked 
  3. oohed and aahed 
  4. discussed items and the present economy 
  5. priced
  6. tagged
  7. haggled 
  8. did a little arm wrestling over some items 
  9. tried to tuck some items away in secret spots so they could be first at them when we hang the show
  10. laughed some more
  11. modeled some items
  12. took very few photos
  13. finished pricing everything in one day! 
  14. Whew!  

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Weekend Away With William Morris

I went to my friend, Karen's, house for a weekend of sewing, laughing, creating and general fun. 

I took a box of William Morris fabric I have been hoarding for years...  Karen told me she had an idea for a quilt pattern... So, I jumped.  I took a deep breath.  I measured.  I cut.  My Singer Featherweight hummed.  I ironed.  I kept my head down and the pedal to the metal.  I've got a beautiful queen size quilt with I don't even know how many William Morris 'favorites' sewn in it!  I started out with good intentions of making a quilt for a friend.  Too bad.  I'm keeping this one! 

This is Karen's 'play room' above her garage. 
A beautiful place to sew.
Just what I needed!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Almost Ready!!!

Can you believe this beautiful wreath?

It's great to have a wonderful friend like Marsha!

Look for this 4' wreath at the Egg and I
Opening Reception on December 5th!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just a little distraction...

Me Margo Krager My friend, Karen Benson

So, my phone rings in the middle of my teaching day.
(Yes, it is on vibrate...) I check the message on my lunch.
It's Marsha. Margo Krager of Reproduction Fabrics in
Bozeman, MT is speaking at the Minnesota Quilters
meeting tonight. We're meeting Karen at 5:30 at
Cupcake for a little soup before the meeting.

Just enough time to vacuum off the Dargate quilt that
has been on my bed and has had two felines napping,
purring and shedding all over it before I jam it into
a tote bag to drag with me to the meeting... Karen made
this quilt for me for my 50th birthday.

If you've been to my house, I've made you look at it.
It is stunning in it's Pepto Bismol pinks, botanicals,
cheddars and Prussian blues...all from 1830's French
dress making fabrics..and all from Margo's "Dargate" line.

I love this quilt.

Margo was pleased to see it and oohed and ahhed over
her 'favorites' being sewn together for a gift and blessed
with use and a kitty sleeping on it! (She even asked the
names of the cats!)

I passed out a few "Nettie and Friends" postcards.

This weekend... a sneak preview of what was happening
with that big round white donut thingie!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

We're gettin' ready!

Start with a blank palate...

Add a little green paint...

Get a caulk gun and 'construction adhesive'...

Viola' ! A wreath...

Built by Nettie and Friends for Nettie and Friends!

AND we're NOT done yet!! Stay tuned.