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Thursday, April 2, 2009

On the Prairies of Nebraska

International Quilt Study Center and Museum - Our true destination -We saw some incredible Chintz quilts here... How did those women sew those things with 12 stitches per inch by hand and with no OTT lamp??? It is really a 'study center' and NOT a quilt show, so if you decide to visit, keep that in mind. It is a beautiful facility and the staff couldn't have been more wonderful.

Nebraska's Capitol in Lincoln. This pair of doors leads to the unused Senate Chamber since Nebraska has a system of unicameral government. Marsha got us into the chamber which is usually 'off limits' so we could see a featured piece of mosaic work and beautiful tapestry!

The Homestead National Monument in Beatrice, Nebraska. The winds stopped 'whipping down the plains' so we could actually get out and tramp around this beautiful prairie site. A nice respite from the museums and tours. We saw pheasant flying low. Ahhhh. Space to breathe!

The Nebraska FFA Convention is in Lincoln. It does my heart good to see all of those blue corduroy jackets wandering around our hotel. The kids have been really polite. I asked these guys if I could take a picture of their coats... then told them to 'smile' they all started laughing. I'm sure they are thinking 'now there's a crazy old broad!'

BTW, did I ever tell you I was the first girl in FFA in Ingham County MI to win the 'Crops and Soil Judging Contest'? Tada! My claim to fame! There's a photo of me in the yearbook working on a disk! (not a CD, a disk, you know, a kind of a farm implement!)

Off to other adventures! :-)

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