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Monday, June 8, 2009

Well, Happy Birthday to ME!

Okay, it is NOT my birthday, but we were celebrating today in my classroom unbeknownst to me! Little did I know there was a surprise afoot when I thought about making BIG hats with the kids to celebrate the end of our school year together... then, Ms. Arkell arrived (aka student teacher extraordinaire who finished with us in early May) AND she brought her beautiful daughter, Yemi. Yemi wrote out a couple of Morning Meeting greetings for our group that we got to 'show off' this morning.

So, I'm lining kids up for lunch and there is all of this hubbub near the door with Ms. Arkell poking her head out in the hallway and this shows up! A yummy chocolate and white mosaic horse cake!

Then, the pizza arrived! WooHoo! Well, then, there were the hats!

These are the hats Yemi made for us! Aren't they something??
Thanks to Marsha for the hat making bands (that she all prepped and hanging out in her basement... the joy!)

You just gotta love working in Room 10 Maxfield School!
Tuesday, June 9, 2009 is our last day together... it has been a very good year teaching!

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