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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mastering the art of the zipper...

Well, there is the actually putting the zipper in.
Then, there is the actually putting the zipper in correctly.
Practice makes perfect, they say... so why did I make a bag
with a wonderful lining, leaving the required 3" to turn the bag
right side out, only to discover that I had zippered the zipper
closed and couldn't get the bag open, much less turned right side out???
Then, of course, there is the leaving the zipper open, only to add a
'design element' where the pull tab on the end of the bag
is sewn in backwards, creating not a pull tab at all, but two stubby
ends of the ribbon sticking out... Geesh. I need more practice, it
is plain to see!!

After several days of committed sewing, I have completed
40 small bags of various proportions - small coin bags to
'12" x 12" carry everything in your luggage, knitting, quilting,
crafting world' AND 8 snap-closure bags AND 8 more futzy,
putzy kitten - knitting themed bags which were the near undoing
of my mental health. Oh, did I mention that I actually sewed through
my finger while putting in a zipper? This just after proclaiming to
Marsha that I was "finally getting the hang of this zipper thing."
Yeouch! Sewing is NOT for sissies!

In between zippers, I completed some more coasters... sewing around
and around and around and around. Thank goodness for the Antiques
Roadshow and a couple of movies to keep my mind occupied!

I'm excited to see what everyone has been working on this year!
See you Saturday at the Egg and I Breakfast! Woo Hoo!


1 comment:

Carol E. said...

Go to my blog, and you will see a picture of a yellow/blue scrappy quilt. That is what I am putting in the sale. Hopefully some other stuff, too... you can copy the picture and add it to your flikr file if you want.

(ignore my whiny posts)