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Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank You "Builders"

Many years ago, my friend, Marsha, said, "I want to get a group together to work on projects between Halloween and Christmas so we have a dedicated time to get stuff done for the holidays, but we can't call it 'craft night', we need a better name than that"... and 'Builders Forum' was launched.

For years, these women, among others, have been my mainstay in the world of "Nettie and Friends."  Here are some photos of a typical night... These happened to be at my place... A simple meal, some beverages, lots of laughter,

Yep, there's a lot of 'building' going on... Marsha's working on a 'rescued' quilt, Elizabeth is practicing her accordion, Cathi learned how to make earrings, Kathleen is making scrap socks, Dorothy is making more dishrags, Rita finished addressing all of her holiday cards and is getting some felted wool ready turn into the cutest pins, I finished a 'hoot hat' for a colleague, Sunny was just hanging out under the table, Kathleen showed off a find from Saver's (a Seminole 'man's long shirt' which she is working diligently on fabric dating)  there's Max, who decided that Marsha's quilt was just the thing to cuddle up in on a chilly evening and here's Bonnie working on a scarf (she finished addressing all of her holiday cards... I'm jealous!)  Not pictured: Jean J. (you wouldn't want THAT one posted!) and to care for grandchildren.

The Builders often help me with tagging items, inspire me to create more and support me when I'm just plain tired out.  Thank you Builders for all you have given me and others over the years.  You are the best!

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