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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nettie and Marsha's Big Adventure

First, finding the right train to Chicago from Lake Geneva, WI.
Well, actually, from Fox Lake, IL.
This was a great, no fuss trip into downtown Chicago.

We took a quick walk to the Chicago Cultural Center
to see what history has wrought...
These photos cannot do justice to this beautiful building.
Incredible mosaic quotes abound.

Tiffany lights.

A Tiffany dome.
I'm a sucker for old buildings, glass and mosaics.
This building is a true treasure.
Marsha and I also took in a lovely solo piano concert over the lunch hour.
What a wonderful respite in a bustling city.

Many people walk through cities and take cityscape photos.
I take photos of light fixtures, sidewalk art, building details.
They give me great pleasure.

We walked the lakeshore through Millineum park to the Shedd Aquarium.
Have you ever looked up when you enter through the main doors?

Okay, so Marsha and I didn't stay too long-
BUT we learned a huge lesson:
this is the busiest week of the year for the
Chicago Museums.  The place was PACKED
with eager children and adults looking mostly bewildered.

We decided to cut out and walk a little more
on an incredible spring day in Chicago.

We went over to the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower)
to see about going to the top for a view of the city.
Keep in mind that I am afraid of heights 
and kinda freak out when up on a ladder.  
Decision time: to the top of the Willis or perhaps sitting out 
rush hour over a beer would be a good idea!

We opted for the beer. Over a couple of Blue Moons 
and appetizers we discussed going to the "Sky Deck floor 103"
of the Willis Tower.  In the spirit of living
without regret, we made our way over to
Willis Tower, and bought our tickets.

Then, into the elevator to the top!

Stanley was showing no fear.

Here's a view you don't see everyday unless 
you are employed at the top of the Willis Tower!

You know, it is  beautiful up here.
"On a clear day" and all of that!

Well, then, there's "The Sky Ledge."
You step out into space on a glass ledge.  
Some of us backed out and never looked down.
Some of us wouldn't step out in any fashion!

Oh, yeah, I was saying (ordering, whining, pleading) repeatedly
"Take the picture!!"
Then, a very nice woman suggested that Marsha
take the picture from a window just around the corner...
that would mean I would have actually let go of 
the building wall and step onto the platform
AND turn and look out of the side of the ledge.

Deep breath.  Go fast Marsha!!

I did it!  
Can you see those little blips
at the top of the next photo?
Those are the 'sky ledges.'
No regrets. 

Lots of laughter.  
A very good day indeed.

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