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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some completed projects

Well, I finally finished some projects!

I finished this lovely Highland Triangle Shawl and am waiting for some cooler weather to wrap it around my shoulders for real!  I spent many hours working in private, as the pattern required concentrating and counting to four repeatedly!  Sheesh!

Then, there's a colorful sofa sized quilt made from my Kaffe Fassett stash... the pattern is 'wallpaper strips' and it went together so easily.  Quilted by Randi Helling of   The quilting is fabulous, wish I could get it to show up a little better when I photograph it... Visit Randi's site and take a look at her incredible work in her gallery!
I also finished another 'wallpaper strips' quilt.  I was on a tear to get some of my stash sewn up.  This quilt is from the Eyes Wise collection by Luella Doss.  See that little pile of scraps?  That's how close I came to using everything.  WooHoo Me!!   Machine quilted by Randi Helling, and fun, fun fun!  I just don't know what I'm going to do with it!!  Hmmmm.

I am continuing to work on a variety of projects, some of which might actually get completed this summer!   I did try last year's strategy of taking only UFO's with me while traveling, but again this summer, I was thwarted by a visit to Susan Saari's Sisu Yarn Shop in Ely... I picked up some sweet yarn, needles and have been enjoying knitting a diaphanous Seafoam scarf for this year's Nettie and Friends sale.  Hopefully you'll get to see it soon!

And WHOOSH there goes July!!!

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