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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Beauty of Community - Maxfield Mosaic Project

For over 20 years at Maxfield, I have walked by the courtyard and looked at this:

It is an air exchange intake vent.  Looks kind of like a missile silo, doesn't it?
What could help?  Nettie & Friends; mosaic artist Lori Greene; enthusiastic students, and community members.

One day last May, while my brother was visiting, we started the process of prepping tiles:

Lori worked with students to design the "wrap around mural" for the air exchange.
We worked with an after school group at Maxfield. Students worked on panels of the mural, attaching tile to mesh.

We worked with families at an all school event last June and with community groups throughout the year at Mosaic on a Stick in Saint Paul.

Almost a year later, Lori and I gathered all of the panels and jumped for joy that we did, indeed, have all 19 pieces to cover the air exchange.

On a lovely day in mid-May Lori, Marsha and I installed the mosaic in the courtyard at Maxfield School.

As we were working, students stopped by with excited comments about "my squirrel"; "my butterfly"; "my flowers".  Staff came out to gaze upon the beauty of the mosaic.  Volunteers made a point to come out and ask questions about the project and take some photos.

Two days later, Lori grouted the entire piece.

I must admit, when I walk by the courtyard windows, my heart is lifted by the beauty I see.  I am proud of this work, this project, this contribution to community.  Thank you for your support throughout the mosaic process.

Come join us for the end of the year Maxfield Family BBQ on June 7th, 2012 from 5:30 - 7:00 PM and join us as we celebrate the beauty...


Wendy Peroni said...

Wow! I am amazed to see the panels come together after hearing about this for so long. Makes me wish I lived closer so I could have participated. Be proud.

Nurse Betty (Former not old) said...

When I stopped by the other day, it was great to see this! What an improvement and the kids are so proud of their work. Nettie, you are amazing :)