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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

With Joy, We Thank You For Your Support

In the words of the Kindergarten team...
Dear Nettie & Friends,

Thank you so much for providing the materials for our kindergarten classes to host a gingerbread party.  We had a HUGE parent turnout!  We had parents come that we haven't seen yet this year (not even at parent/teacher conferences).  All 3 classrooms combined had over 30 parents attend.  The students had a blast creating their gingerbread masterpieces.  Many memories were made!

Thank you again,

Your Maxfield Kindergarten Teachers,
Jenelle, Caitlin, & Danielle
 Children and parents from across many grade levels gathered to build their own gingerbread house.


  In the words of the 2nd grade student "Best. Day. Ever."

In 1st grade, an Auntie joined her nephew and created this masterpiece.

Thank you for the warm winter wear.  Belwin Outdoor Science is operated by Saint Paul Public Schools and offers outdoor experiences for students in St. Paul.  Our day was planned on a lovely 9 degree day in December (remember that week of subzero weather?  We lucked out and went on a windless above zero day.)  Thank you for supporting Winter Wear that made a hike through the snowy forest and kick-sledding possible in warm snowpants, boots, hats and mittens.  You see this joy?  You are, in part, responsible for it!  We were toasty warm all day.

First snow angel ever...

Hiking through the forest to discover animal tracks.

 Mastering the art of the kicksled.

If you hike to the top of a hill, and you want to slide down but you don't have a sled, what do you use?

Snow pants,  of course!  We were outfitted for this event by YOU.  What fun.

Sorry, no action shots, I was too busy sliding.  :-)

Happy New Year with our thanks and gratitude.

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