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Monday, May 12, 2008

Back to School Today

Well, I'm not sure I am fully 'recovered', but I'm heading back to school today... Ahhh. Went to the Shepherd's Harvest yesterday, and I'm not sure what happened to me - maybe it was just being home among my various 'stashed items' for two weeks, but I walked away from Shepherd's Harvest with only three new skeins of delicious yarns! What a great way to end my 'imposed recovery period' - walking through those vendor booths, fondling wonderful fibers, getting inspired to actually finish a couple of more projects!

So, back to work with a new knitted I.D. badge lanyard (from the 1st Wednesday free clinic down at Borealis - thanks Katy and Abby!) Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go!

Be well. Peace.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Time On My Hands! Happy May Day!

Geesh, a gal is going along in the world, wondering if spring will soon make a lasting appearance, then, blam(!) she's flat on her back on her sofa with no inclination to make anything! She must be sick... the measure for me is: I'm not interested in my morning coffee; I'm not interested in eating or drinking anything; and most importantly, in the house of craft possiblities - I'm not interested in picking up any of my toys to play with - not even my knitting needles... here's a gal who's SICK!

Now for the good news! With the help of friends, doctors and surgeons, I feel almost like myself again! I've been knitting, cutting fabric, putzing with paper and taking naps!

Part of my recuperation plan is to wander down to Borealis Yarns to see what's new. (They always fill my need for color and texture - some of the new yarns are so yummy.) Inspired by some of my knitting friends, I've actually completed a couple of projects... That is my new goal- finish up those projects which have been languishing for too long.

I'll try to get some new photos posted soon. In the meantime, keep laughing and creating!