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Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to work (at school I mean!)

Check out the latest batch of wool felt pincushions
and ornaments I finished while in Ely... no, I didn't
finish any of those objects on the 'unfinished' list...
but I visited another knitter who has a few unfinished
items herself, so I feel better about just making a list!

I'm back to work today, so I'll be busy with
getting my classroom ready for the new batch
of students who are headed my way. I'm excited
for the year to begin with the kids! Yippee!

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Final Leg of the 2009 Summer Cabin Tour

I live a wonderful life. There can be no doubt about it!
So, a little over a week ago, one of the 'gal pals' asked me if
I would be making anymore of 'those felted tea cozies' for this
year's show...Huh. They hadn't crossed my mind!


I dug around in my stash, grabbed some bulky Lamb's Pride
wool/mohair blend and became obsessed! I've knitted to the
end of the current stash... I'm at the Ely cabin,
and since there is no washing machine here, I'll have to wait
until I get back to St. Paul to see the final result. I'm sure
there will be embellishments to behold!

That diamond looking thing? Not part of the tea cozy, but
rather an attempt to use up snippets of Lamb's Pride - how
about a coaster???

Be well all. Peace.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Okay, I Should Be Doing Something Else

but I checked my Facebook Wall and saw this video that a friend posted (thanks Lynn!) that reminds me why I love being among children!

Check it out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Distracted Again!

Well, I'm on the annual galpal trip... and I'm distracted again.
None of these items were on my 'get them finished' list!
But aren't they just the cutest??

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ahhh, the joy of a 'to do' list...

These weren't on my 'to do' list... I arrived in Ely
when it was chilly... my friend, Marilyn said,
"you know what I could really use? A pair of
mittens!" So, I rooted around in the back of the
Subaru, came up with some yarn and needles
and viola'! Mittens... oh, those were NOT on my
'to do' list! OOPS!

Hmmm, this sweet little star pincushion
was NOT on my 'to finish' list... how did
that slip in there?

Yikes! Where did this pincushion
come from? It wasn't on the list of items
that demanded my attention to be completed!

Susan Saari of Sisu Designs in Ely is responsible
for this blatant breach of my plan to finish items
on my 'to do' list! Just walk into her store and
see what happens to YOU!!!

Well, after seeing those lovely mitts in red and brown,
I sent a 'wish list' with a friend to Ely, if she just happened
to stop by Susan's shop... pick up the yarn in the original
colors... an earthy green/brown combo... What do you know?
She brought the yarn back to the cabin... and I cast on...
what else could I do?

I hate to admit that these are just a few of the things
I worked on during 'cabin time.' That bag full of
'to do' items? I'm putting it back in the car for the
next trip. Wish me well!