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Saturday, April 27, 2013

MN Horse Expo 2013 Field Trip!

Finally, spring arrived just in time for our annual trip to the MN Horse Expo at the State Fairgrounds.  What a beautiful day.  ALL of Maxfield Learning Center's students were in attendance, and this year, we invited one classroom from Rondo Learning Center and one classroom from Obama Learning Center to join us for this wonderful experience.

As we approached this trip, the excitement was literally palpable in our classroom, students were inviting random adults and classmate's parents to join us with an enthusiastic "You should come to the horse show!  It is the best day ever at school." 

This year, the MN Horse Expo treated us to a special showing of Ma'Ceo.   It was like watching Cirque de Soleil with horses.  Let me say, our students were in awe of the horses, the riding, the physical strength of the acrobats and teamwork between the people and the horses. 

Then, there was this:

And this:

 Ah, do you see those cool cowpoke hats?  You made that possible.

Victor (the horse) crunched an apple and slimed all of us with squirting juice and slobber.  We loved it and laughed a lot.

And this:

Yes, that is a Clydesdale's hoof.  That is ONE big horse!  Whew.  One of my students wanted to see if there really was a frog on the bottom of the horse's hoof and his owner gladly lifted up the horse's hoof to show us.  This guy also was sporting a mustache that made all of us giggle.  (Someone got a little too close and got smooched.)

It was a fantastic day made possible by friends like you and the generous support of the MN Horse Expo staff.

Now, back to school to write an informational report about horses and thank you letters to the MN Horse Council and Nettie & Friends for this amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with  horses.

Thank you.

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