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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thank you from Maxfield Students and Staff

When the school year closed in June and I took a moment to review everything Nettie & Friends has helped support at Maxfield, the list went on and on.  These are activities large and small that enrich the lives of students at Maxfield, they are listed in random order, but their impact on the lives of students is not random. Yes, there are photos at the bottom of this list, be sure to see all of the smiles you helped create this year!

Thank you for making all of this happen:

·      Fresh school supplies to start the year – markers, crayons, pencils, scissors, gluesticks, bulletin board boards, desk tags, nametags,and other materials as needed

·      Daily snacks for Learning Center classrooms

·      Apples for the ‘Let’s Learn about the Orchard’ unit for LC students

·      Large classroom rug for new K-3 Acceleration classroom

·      Mimeo Teach Bar for science classroom (makes any white board an interactive Smart Board)

·      Gingerbread house building supplies for three Kindergarten classrooms, two  2nd grade classrooms and two- Learning Center classrooms

·      Snacks for inclusion classroom celebrations, Writer's Workshop publishing parties

·      Uniforms, underwear and socks

·      Warm winter wear (mittens, snowpants, hats, boots)

·      Laundry partnership with E & J Cleaners to clean uniforms from the uniform lending closet

·      Children’s Theater “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” tickets and field trip bus for Learning Center students

·      100 days of school celebration supplies and treats for three Kindergarten classes and two Learning Center classes

·      Classroom incentives – Bucket Filler celebrations for Learning Center classes, school store

·      Sensory Room supplies

·      Spelling Bee awards

·      6th grade celebration – field trip bus and roller rink rental; DVD for each student of the school year slide show

·      5th grade celebration – light lunch for students and their families

·      PreK field trip busses to Children’s Museum

·      Steppingstone Theater tickets for three Kindergarten classes

·      Earth day celebration supplies for three Kindergarten classes

·      Positive Punch incentives for grades PreK – 6 (15 classes)

·      School Patrol Shirts for annual School Patrol parade and picnic

·      Library books to complete collections and provide more copies of high interest books

·      Nook account set up funds to purchase educational apps and books for “handheld” technology for 40 Nooks at Maxfield

·      MN Horse Expo Field trip bus and Cowboy hats and snacks for Learning Center students (this year we invited two classes from other Learning Center sites)

·      Pump It Up trip for Learning Center students to celebrate growth in social skills

·      Laminator film, color printer toner for all of the staff Maxfield School to use to create materials for classroom use

·      Supplies for the school nurse (paper cups for students who need a cool drink and a little tender loving care, other personal supplies for students, nebulizer set-ups for students with asthma so they could receive their medication at school)

·      Nutrition fund in the cafeteria to ensure every child has a hot lunch every day

·      Enrichment supplies for classroom teachers such as the sewing project in the Learning Center where every student made a travel pillowcase to cover a small pillow to take home for the summer

·      Gently used tennis shoes for the gym for students to “borrow” so they can participate everyday in Physical Education

·      Game controllers for Physical Education so more students have access to the WiiFit activities during gym

·      Read Across America Day Dr. Seuss teacher recognition boxes stuffed with stickers, certificates, awards, notes and other good stuff for all teachers PreK – 3rd grade

·      3rd and 6th grade “Pi Day” celebrations

·      Family game night – dice and decks of cards for "home game bags" for families

Some highlights:

 Picking your own sweet, juicy apple.

 Taking a hayride on a cool October day to find just the right apple.

Building your own gingerbread house.

Practicing math skills the gingerbread way.

Enjoying the winter weather, no matter what it brings our way...

Making snow angels, zipping down the slide to land in a soft pile of snow...

Climbing, running, playing outside everyday.

Celebrating 100 Days of School. That includes counting to 100 many times to make a tasty treat to share.

Learning a card game to teach to my family and in the meantime, beating Mr. Lucas, round after round!

Sewing your own pillowcase for your very own pillow.

Celebrating success with your friends.  Taking your very own pillow home for the summer.

Thank you for making all of this possible.  We've had a wonderful school year at Maxfield and are looking forward to September.


Mary Ellen said...

It was fun to be a part of Nettie & Friends!

Kona said...

Thank you for sharing all that was possible. The generosity of Nettie & Friends amazes.