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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Kids Are Here! The Kids Are Here!

Anyone who knows me well knows I love teaching. After the Republican Convention, the Kindergarten students started school. Hurrah. There were those (myself included, at one point) who wondered why the PreK-K students shouldn't start as usual... well, let me tell you, just one day into the "student contact" year and two days into the Republican Convention, our buses were running an hour to an hour and a half behind schedule... because, hey, even with rerouted traffic the kid's houses hadn't moved and they had to be delivered HOME! So, it was a good decision, although it made for a longer wait for me to meet my students. Well, they are on board and very fun.

Our first week together was energetic and mostly of the "getting to know you" ilk. I am happy to be teaching. I am also, however, so exhausted I am not knitting or sewing or anything else when I get home. Mostly, I'm lying down on the sofa and falling asleep and drooling until it is time to go to bed! I'll get my energy back. It will all balance out. There will be creative activities in my home again soon. In the meantime, all of you, keep creating. Remember the October 25th deadline. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to!

Cheers (and now I'm going to lie down again!) Nettie

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