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Annual Fund Raising Show and Sale at the Egg & I Restaurant, St. Paul. December 2017

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sneak Preview... The Fireplace is UP! The Show is OPEN!

Thank you to the fantastic crew that showed up to help with the hanging of the
2009 Nettie and Friends Show and Sale.  After eleven months of planning,
organizing, painting, building and dreaming... today is the day!

Thank you to Dave with his tall ladders, long arms and patience
for making sure our 'lodge' fireplace went up in alignment!

Take a blank wall, add some pizazz and viola' a fireplace!

Next add a heart warming wreath.

Thank you Robb for your good eye at getting the display started (and level!)

Thank you Marsha for dreaming about a 'lodge' fireplace for this year's show...
It took many hours, but WOW! Was it worth it!! 
Thanks for being my friend for all these years!

Thanks Jean for loading up the display racks with yummy, beautiful items!


Thank you Lynn and Jean for making so many tough decisions
about which items to display (and displaying them so well!)


Thank you Kim for your willingness to climb up and hang stuff
and smile and make us all a little nervous with
your creative stacking of items to 'gain height' when the ladder was in use!


It's really UP!  The show is ready and open for business on Monday, November 30th!

The staff at the Egg and I were WOWED with the fireplace! 
It is the centerpiece for so many beautiful items that have been donated. 
Thank you!



Thank you friends!


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Samantha Allen said...

You are incredible!