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Friday, July 3, 2009

Home to Michigan

I drove home through the Michigan's Upper Pennisula and across the
Mackinac Bridge. I put the camera on the steering wheel and clicked
my way across the bridge.

A friend on Facebook (well, he's also a friend in real life!) saw these photos and sent me one of his. If you Facebook, check this out!

Then, the family festivities really began!

I went to watch my grand nephew race this go cart.
These little things go about 45-55 mph! (And this guy
is only about 7 years old! Watch out - he's good!)
He is also one of the sweetest kids I know. After
coming in 2nd in one of the heats, he told his dad
"I let 83 pass me because he doesn't get to win
very often." Be still my heart.

I went to a horse show to watch my grand nieces.
What a great day! Sun. Go-carts. Horses. Dust.

Then, off to the James M. Monroe family reunion.
Here's how the Monroe family has fun.
How about a water balloon toss using beach towels?
It was a nice sunny day so no one really cared when
they got splattered with a missed catch!

I had a great trip, concluding with taking the
Lake Michigan Car Ferry from Ludington, MI to Manitowoc, WI.

What, you may ask, projects have I been working on this summer?
I'll post some photos a little later.
I did complete some small quilts to deliver to my family
in Michigan on this last trip. They will be well used and well loved.

Ahhhh. Summer.

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