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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quilts for My Siblings

Queen of the Ranch for my sister.

Now, here's a lesson for you:
Do NOT think you can make a quilt kit from a particular quilt line, especially if you are recovering from surgery and taking narcotics for pain... I thought I would do some 'cutting ahead' and make one or two quilt kits so I would be ready for my next quilt camp / quilting weekend... What a great idea! I wouldn't have to think about what to take! I could take a quilt kit that I had already prepped, put the pedal to the metal and S-E-W!

Well, sew, I did. I had these sweet Roy Rogers / Happy Trails prints that I started sewing and assembling. When I put the strips up on the design wall, my buddy, MaryEllen almost fell off of her chair! Whew! It was a bit much, even for me! I mean, really. The result of my narcotic induced design was manic, disorganized and just plain TOO MUCH! So, I started 'unsewing' and ripped the entire thing apart! Then, with the help of Marsha on our road trip, I found MORE fabric to make a mess work. Here is the end result - three sweet quilts that my siblings loved. I hope they are well used and enjoyed for a long, long time.

Live and learn... Live and learn!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Hey, at least you could "fix" them!

Question for you, though, regarding the sale ... those "forms" you like us to fill out; are they on your blog, or can you bring some to Abby's on a Sunday in the near future, so we can start filling them out on items? :-)