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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pins and Needles

Somebody stop me!
I'm really enjoying working with wool felt!

Pin cushion, anyone?

I've got a feeling these are going to get wilder and wilder as I perfect my technique (and there's a lot of room for improvement!)

As I continue my 2009 summer cabin tour, I'm trying to limit myself to 'portable' projects... but when you are driving a Subaru Outback, there's a lot of leeway in what constitutes 'portable'!

In the meantime, I've managed to get a neighbor hooked on quilting... she didn't own a machine, so I loaned her my Singer Featherweight. Next thing I know, she's on ebay bidding away and today, her own Featherweight arrived! A woman of action. No doubt about it! I may have met my match!

Up next: confronting the 'unfinished objects' knitting list (woe is me!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

From My Cousin In Michigan

So, I stop to see my cousin, Peggy in Lansing, MI.
She brings out a bag of these colorful, not so scary
mice for me to sell at the Nettie and Friends Show
and Sale in December. (67 to be exact.)

I wondered if they were pet approved.

So, we got a couple out at my sister's place (now at 65 mice.)
Her miniature dachshunds loved them.
Carried them all over her house.
Kept them from her cats.
Got a little protective of them.

I selected one for my cats (down to 64.)

Here's the proof at my house. The mouse has been all over the
apartment. I spotted it here this morning, safely tucked
under Max on his cat stand. He particularly loves the
sturdy braided tail and often carries the mouse around
by the tail!

Stamp of approval. Dog tested. Cat tested.
For sale in December!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quilts for My Siblings

Queen of the Ranch for my sister.

Now, here's a lesson for you:
Do NOT think you can make a quilt kit from a particular quilt line, especially if you are recovering from surgery and taking narcotics for pain... I thought I would do some 'cutting ahead' and make one or two quilt kits so I would be ready for my next quilt camp / quilting weekend... What a great idea! I wouldn't have to think about what to take! I could take a quilt kit that I had already prepped, put the pedal to the metal and S-E-W!

Well, sew, I did. I had these sweet Roy Rogers / Happy Trails prints that I started sewing and assembling. When I put the strips up on the design wall, my buddy, MaryEllen almost fell off of her chair! Whew! It was a bit much, even for me! I mean, really. The result of my narcotic induced design was manic, disorganized and just plain TOO MUCH! So, I started 'unsewing' and ripped the entire thing apart! Then, with the help of Marsha on our road trip, I found MORE fabric to make a mess work. Here is the end result - three sweet quilts that my siblings loved. I hope they are well used and enjoyed for a long, long time.

Live and learn... Live and learn!

Portable Wool Felt Projects

I've been having a good time with these very portable projects.
I made most of these while in Michigan visiting my family!

There are many more in various stages of completion.
Each of them is individually designed and embellished.
I'm loving it!
:-) Nettie

Friday, July 3, 2009

Home to Michigan

I drove home through the Michigan's Upper Pennisula and across the
Mackinac Bridge. I put the camera on the steering wheel and clicked
my way across the bridge.

A friend on Facebook (well, he's also a friend in real life!) saw these photos and sent me one of his. If you Facebook, check this out!

Then, the family festivities really began!

I went to watch my grand nephew race this go cart.
These little things go about 45-55 mph! (And this guy
is only about 7 years old! Watch out - he's good!)
He is also one of the sweetest kids I know. After
coming in 2nd in one of the heats, he told his dad
"I let 83 pass me because he doesn't get to win
very often." Be still my heart.

I went to a horse show to watch my grand nieces.
What a great day! Sun. Go-carts. Horses. Dust.

Then, off to the James M. Monroe family reunion.
Here's how the Monroe family has fun.
How about a water balloon toss using beach towels?
It was a nice sunny day so no one really cared when
they got splattered with a missed catch!

I had a great trip, concluding with taking the
Lake Michigan Car Ferry from Ludington, MI to Manitowoc, WI.

What, you may ask, projects have I been working on this summer?
I'll post some photos a little later.
I did complete some small quilts to deliver to my family
in Michigan on this last trip. They will be well used and well loved.

Ahhhh. Summer.